Path is a Bible study method to learn, memorize and apply scripture to our everyday lives. Throughout the course of the year we will study different topics and accompanying scriptures that fall into three categories:

God | Christian Theology: Right Believing

People | Life Together: Right Relating

Purpose | Missional Living: Right Focus

We believe that understanding and living in obedience to scripture is essential to the spiritual life and maturity of everyone who desires to follow Jesus.

Prior to meeting with your ReviveGroup please review the Path material for that week. If you devote as little as 10 minutes per day you will develop an understanding of the scripture in proper context, how it applies to your everyday life and what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you personally about the topic. Whether you are a new Christian or a life-long believer this format is intended to make scripture understandable to everyone, despite prior Bible knowledge. 


Step One/ READ IT

Read the provided topic summary and context paragraph.
Next read the scripture in a translation like NIV or NLT (emphasizes remaining true to the word written, i.e. greek word for "boat" is still translated as "boat"). As a supplement you might want to also read the scripture in a translation like MSG or TPT (emphasizes remaining true to the thought conveyed, i.e. greek word for boat could be "transportation"). We would suggest reading the scripture often throughout the week and gaining insight from different translations. 

Step Two/ WRITE IT

Find a pen and paper and literally write out the scripture word for word by hand. You might want to do this a few times through the week. Writing something over and over again helps us with memorization.


Either write or type out the scripture in your own words. This is to demonstrate an understanding of the essence of what the verses are saying. i.e. Pr 16:2: "All a person's ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord."

Summarized: I may not always recognize whether something I think or a way that I act is rooted in truth. I can trust the Holy Spirit to reveal areas in my heart that need adjustment.

Step Four/ PRAY IT

As you've been reading you may have noticed certain things that jump out at you or feel particularly relevant for where you're at in life. Likely God is speaking to you directly about something. Ask the Holy Spirit if there is anything that you need to know or pay attention to in this scripture.

Step Five/ APPLY IT

Because you believe this scripture is from God is there anything about your life that you think should adjust or change?


Through the week take moments to meditate on specific scriptures that spoke to you or parts of the passage that you didn't understand. Even take time to wrestle with scriptures that challenge something you have believed previously. Continue to ask the Holy Spirit to bring understanding.

Step Seven/ SHARE IT

As we bring what we've all received to our ReviveGroups, our revelation and understanding only grows and expands. We may find that someone else understood something that we wrestled with all week. Collectively we discuss what we believe and how this scripture applies individually and as a community. As each person shares there is a responsibility to share "from the scripture" not from opinion. If we share an opinion that isn't based in the scripture someone may ask "where do you see that in the scripture". The goal is to allow ourselves to be molded into the image of Christ through his Word.