Is Revive a Local Church?

Yes, however our model is probably different than most local churches. We prefer the term "Discipleship Community" because it carries less baggage and pre-conception than the term "Church" often does. We believe that a local church is described in the Bible as a community of people who follow Jesus, share Christian core beliefs and gather together regularly. They minister to one another and are equipped for their ministry by local leadership, who are called by God.

Will Revive have Sunday services?

No, our regular meetings take place in ReviveGroups, many of which will meet on Sundays. We will also have larger united events periodically such as Healing Nights, training workshops or Worship Nights.

What is a ReviveGroup and what should I expect?

ReviveGroups are gatherings of 15-30 people that meet in homes or community spaces. A typical group would include worship, prayer, biblical teaching, discussion, and ministry to one another according to our spiritual gifts, including prophecy and healing. A typical group lasts 2 hours and often has an opportunity to hang out and build relationships before or after.

How do I join the Revive Community?

You are welcome to visit anytime. All members of Revive have decided that "Revive is Home", meaning there is a commitment to:

+Being present and involved in a ReviveGroup. Heb 10:25
+Making a declaration of faith through baptism. (If not baptized already) Acts 2:38
+Personal growth and discipleship. Col 2:6-7
+Pursuing the Revive Core Values.
+Taking spiritual responsibility of my local community and personal sphere of influence through prayer, servanthood and sowing into others. Matt 28:19-20

Where are ReviveGroups located?

Currently we have two ReviveGroups happening each week:

+Uptown Manhattan Sundays 10:30am for an 11am start (150th and Broadway, close to 1,A,C,B,D)
+Downtown Manhattan Sundays 4:30pm for a 5pm start (Church and White St, close to all Canal St. stops)

How can I lead a ReviveGroup?

In order to lead a ReviveGroup you would need to be a member of Revive and participate in another group for a time. If you would like to lead a group in the future tell your ReviveGroup leader so they can discuss next steps with you.

What about kids?

Our Uptown and Downtown ReviveGroups have a kids teaching that happens onsite each week with two kids leaders. We also equip parents to train and disciple their own children in the home through teaching, scripture and reinforcement of the lessons learned on Sundays.



Over the past ten years Rhema and Steve have served in various local church leadership positions and roles from worship to administration to pastoring. They believe that Jesus is good news for people everyday; that our lives are meant to be lived in freedom, with purpose. They are passionate about church being more than just a Sunday event; they desire for everyday believers to be equipped to live in the reality of God's Kingdom as a way of life.  

Steve and Rhema met in 2004 while attending Hillsong Bible College in Sydney, Australia. After completing school they moved to Southern California for several years. During that time Steve started a fashion agency and Rhema pursued further education in the Theology degree program through Alphacrusis College. In 2010 they both felt a distinct calling from God to relocate to New York City. Steve moved his company and later served as a worship pastor while Rhema served in a full-time pastoral role for several years. Over the last five years they've welcomed two daughters into their family, Sparrow Cruz (4.5) and Wylde Joy (1.5). In early 2016 they both felt God ask them to pioneer a new church movement, starting in New York. After being released by their prior pastors and elders, they began their journey of seeking God and planning in June of 2016. 

Rhema and Steve are both Ordained Pastors through The River Network and are supported by an external board of diverse pastors and leaders that serve to provide oversight. Revive is a non-denominational church.