The Church is not a building or an event.
We are a diverse people called to unity under one name: Jesus

We are creating authentic, loving community through a connected family of ReviveGroups that meet weekly throughout the city. ReviveGroups are neighborhood-based, with a goal of sowing and serving together in that same area. As the first groups grow, the hope would be to become increasingly local with new ReviveGroups starting in new neighborhoods all the time. 

Each group typically has around 20 people and includes worship, prayer, biblical teaching, conversation and ministry to one another, including prophecy and healing. We see this group as a spiritual home where each of its members are growing in community and being equipped for their personal ministry. (We believe that ministry is what takes place everyday at work, in family and within our individual spheres of life.) As we become more mature in our relationship with Jesus we become more effective in our ability to make a difference with our lives and fulfill the assignment of all Christians to intentionally make disciples of Jesus Christ.

For more information: Who We Are


Revive Kids


We have a heart to cultivate and equip our children to impact their worlds now and later. We have a passion for helping children to discover everything God has placed inside of them as we partner with and equip parents in family discipleship. Children are integral in our community as they learn to use their gifts, pray for others and grow in the knowledge of and intimacy with Jesus. Most ReviveGroups are family friendly with an onsite kids lesson. To inquire about which group would work the best for your family email


Serving NYC

Each of our ReviveGroups have a neighborhood focus and develops a unique way to sow and serve the felt needs in the surrounding community. For opportunities to serve or suggestions of ways to serve together speak to your ReviveGroup leader or email


Healthy Relationships

We all have different types of relationships to navigate: friendships, co-workers, dating, marriage and family. To thrive in life it's essential to build healthy and powerful lives relationally. We have a passion to equip our people with tools to build strong connections, friendships, and loving, healthy family relationships. Each ReviveGroup also has a connect focus weekly before or after the group. This is a great opportunity to relax and develop friendships over food and conversation.


Living in Freedom

We all have a story and Jesus came to set us free from all the things in our story that have robbed pieces of who we really are. We believe that as we get healed on the inside, we become whole and able to walk in our purpose and become a healer to others. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring deliverance and truth into every area of our hearts. The good news about Jesus is that when he brings conviction, he also gives us the power to change, which frees us from fear. Once God sets us free we learn how to live out our freedom in the context of healthy community.